October 2012 Apple Released its Newsstand for Digital Magazines, Which Will Disrupt the Magazine Industry Just as “Bloggers in Pajamas” Disrupted the Traditional News Industry.

In 2004, Dan Rather (who was later fired by CBS from his job at Sixty Minutes), called online critics of his reporting “bloggers in pajamas.”  Rather and many others in the media couldn’t see the effects of the Internet revolution on their industry. Denial can be a really strong drug. Dan Rather’s put-down of bloggers came seven […]

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Digital Magazines Redefine the Word “Magazine,” With Video and Links to Websites, All There on Your iPhone or iPad.

What if you were reading a magazine article containing an interview with a politician or celebrity. Suppose he or she says something that sounds ambiguous or untrue. If you’re reading a digital magazine on your iPad or other mobile device, you may find that the magazine publisher has included a video of the interview, with […]

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The Consumer News Magazine App is Coming to an iPad, iPhone or Other Mobile Device Near You.

If you want a free magazine with consumer advice you can read on your iPhone or iPad, we’ve got good news. We’re a licensed Apple Application Developer, and we’re hard at work on bringing you a digital magazine with information to help you make wise choices about health, safety, your environment, your finances, shopping, etc. […]

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